Written by Carolyn Mendes in 2012:

About 20 years ago the Lord gave me a vision for a youth ranch in Kings County. He began telling me that we need to save the children through prophets, dreams, visions, and an actual demonstration of His heart for the children. He began speaking to me about Rowan’s Ranch in 1993 which He and I have, from the beginning, always called the “Lord’s Ranch.” He showed me love and responsibility through animals and began showing me how we could reach the hurting and lost children by the love of an animal. Many years have passed since He first began speaking to me about the “Lord’s Ranch” but He always told me, “Though the vision tarry…wait for it.” Over the past 20 years, I have watched things change or improvements being made or the property changing hands but never once did I lose sight of the goal. In fact I got excited that the ranch was being made better in preparation for the “Lord’s Ranch.” Finally in 2009, the smaller portion of the ranch became available. Despite many obstacles, we took possession in December 2010 and Phase I of the “Lord’s Ranch” began. Phase II is on the near horizon as I see God lining up the pieces for the larger portion of the ranch. The goal of the “Lord’s Ranch” is to love on kids, build their self esteem, teach them skills and responsibility, further their education and ultimately enjoy a better quality of life.

“Reaching the world through our love.”